Coastal Adaptive’s Many Types of Adaptive Sports

Coastal Adaptive Sports has a passion to bring sporting opportunities and recreational activities to people with disabilities in a way that is fun and lifegiving. Through our early existence, we have moved into multiple types of adaptive sports and activities. We currently have programs in these sports...

Brian Shaw - If You Can, You Should [An Adaptive Surfer]

Many of you know Brian Shaw from his time with Coastal Adaptive Sports. If you've been around the adaptive surfing events, Wheel to Surf, whether as a participant or as a volunteer, you've likely seen him. Well, we'd like to bring this adaptive surfer into the light, even if it's just for a minute. We want you to get to know Brian's heart toward adaptive surfing and service in general.

Let’s Put a Spotlight on Aubin Hooker

Many people in the adaptive surfing community know Aubin Hooker. He’s often at surf events with Coastal Adaptive Sports with a welcoming face and enthusiastic attitude. But he does more in the area than help at events. He enjoys advocating for the disabled, particularly in regards to beach access, and he fights daily for the protection of the oceans we all enjoy.

A Journey to Adaptive Sports - Abby Banks

It goes without saying that an organization is only as good as its invested parties. Well, Coastal Adaptive is blessed with many that are personally invested with time or talents or support. Abby Banks is one of those blessings. Let’s meet her and hear about her experience with adaptive sports.

Sports for People with Disabilities: 2021 Updates from Coastal Adaptive Sports

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for so many people across the world. But as things are slowly starting to get back to normal, people are beginning to look for things to do to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. If you’re searching for sports for people with disabilities in the North and South Carolina areas, then you’ll want to hear these 2021 updates from Coastal Adaptive Sports!

Coastal Adaptive Sports Offers a Variety of Sports for Athletes with Disabilities

Did you know that, according to the World Bank, about 15% of the world’s population live with some form of disability? That’s around one billion people! Knowing this number certainly helps put things into perspective and makes it easy to understand the importance of sports for athletes with disabilities.

Reasons to Volunteer for Adaptive Sports Jobs

In our recent blog post, we talked about the benefits of adaptive sports. For participants, adaptive sports programs bring many great opportunities. But did you know there are plenty of great reasons to volunteer for adaptive sports jobs?

The Benefits of Adaptive Sports

Of course, with a name like Coastal Adaptive Sports, it’s safe to assume that we offer, well, adaptive sports! And that’s true - we’re proud to offer several sports programs and events to the Grand Strand area, including surfing, basketball, biking, and more. From the outside looking in, most people understand that what we do is a positive thing, but have you ever really thought about the benefits of adaptive sports?

Adaptive Basketball Player Spotlight: Devin Reynolds

We’ve heard a lot from participants and volunteers who have been enjoying the adaptive surfing events through Coastal Adaptive Sports - and that’s totally awesome! But this month we decided to shake things up and put the spotlight on one of our amazing adaptive basketball players: Devin Reynolds. We spoke to Devin’s mother, Brandy Reynolds, who was more than happy to tell us about Devin’s experience with Coastal Adaptive Sports.

Adaptive Surf Volunteer Spotlight: Andy Johnson

Our interview series continues with yet another awesome adaptive surf volunteer, Andy Johnson! Andy Johnson currently lives in Lenoir, North Carolina, but is in the process of moving to Little River, South Carolina. He has a wife, Karen, as well as two kids; a daughter and a son. Andy has been a physical therapist assistant for about 20 years.

Adaptive Water Sports Participant: Mary Gainey

As we continue our blog series about our beloved volunteers and participants here at Coastal Adaptive Sports, we decided to highlight our friend and adaptive water sports attendee Mary Gainey!

Adaptive Sports and Recreation Volunteer Spotlight: Kelly Dailey

So far, you’ve met Vann Horne and Jose Solorio - who are both very special to us here at Coastal Adaptive Sports. But this post will pay tribute to one of our influential adaptive sports and recreation volunteers - Kelly Dailey.

Adaptive Sports Spotlight: Jose Solorio, an Adaptive Surfer

At Coastal Adaptive Sports, we love meeting new people through our events! And about 5 years ago, we met our long-time friend and adaptive surfer, Jose Solorio. We had the pleasure of interviewing Jose for our blog!

Adaptive Sports Volunteer Vann Horne

Without our volunteers, we wouldn’t be where we are today; that’s why we decided to do an adaptive sports volunteer spotlight of our friend Vann Horne!

Summer Adaptive Sports Program Update

Hello friends! With the world’s current situation, things have been a lot different for everyone.

Enjoy a Day on the Water with Adaptive Kayaking

You’ve probably heard about us through our popular adaptive surfing events called Wheel to Surf, but did you know that we also offer adaptive kayaking from time to time?

Join Coastal Adaptive Sports for Adaptive Surfing Classes with Wheel to Surf Events

Coastal Adaptive Sports offers Wheel to Surf Events, which are adaptive surfing classes for those with a disability - learn more here.

The Coastal Chairmen Adaptive Basketball Team Are Rising to the Top

The Coastal Chairmen, an adaptive basketball team who play wheelchair basketball, are working hard and have their eye on the prize.

Coastal Adaptive Sports Offers Adaptive Bike Rides for Those with Disabilities

Coastal Adaptive Sports offers adaptive bike rides for those with disabilities, using hand-cycles, side-by-side tandem trikes, and other adaptive bikes.

Coastal Adaptive Sports Wheelchair Basketball: Who are The Coastal Chairmen?

Learn all about The Coastal Chairmen - the local North Myrtle Beach wheelchair basketball team sponsored by Coastal Adaptive Sports.


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