The Wheel to Surf Season's in Full Swing

It’s warming up out there, and there's a buzz in the air along the coast. The Wheel to Surf season, hosted by Coastal Adaptive Sports, is in full swing, bringing the joy of surfing to individuals of all abilities. This exciting time of year isn’t just about catching waves; it's about breaking barriers, building community, and embracing the freedom of the ocean.

Finding Belonging Through Adaptive Sports

We all yearn for connection. It's wired into our DNA, a primal need as essential as air or water. Brené Brown, the queen of vulnerability, reminds us that "connection is why we are here." But for many in the adaptive community, forging genuine connections can feel like navigating an obstacle course. Traditional sports teams, with their rigid structures and unspoken expectations, often leave people on the outside looking in.

A Beginner's Guide to Wheelchair Basketball Rules

Wheelchair basketball offers a wide array of physical and psychological benefits, from muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness, to alleviating anxiety and depression.

The History of Wheelchair Basketball

Here at Coastal Adaptive Sports, we offer wheelchair basketball in both recreational games and competitive leagues in North Myrtle Beach. To provide a deeper level of appreciation for this already well-loved sport, we’d like to illuminate the fascinating history of wheelchair basketball.

Adapting Social Events Along the Grand Strand

If you’ve been keeping up with CAS for any length of time, you’ll know that our favorite way of getting involved with our community is by participating in all sorts of different events. On average, we facilitate and participate in around 100 events a year. These include sporting events like adaptive surfing, adaptive biking, wheelchair basketball, plus all kinds of other social events. We know why we love doing these events— fostering empowerment, fulfillment, and inclusion, sharing the joy of physical activity and the thrill of competition, all that good stuff. But today we want to talk about the benefits that folks like you gain from attending adaptive events. Adapting social events benefits everyone involved, and in some very important ways.

Adaptive Surf Lessons in Myrtle Beach

Imagine the rush of the waves, the sea breeze against your skin, and the freedom that surfing brings—all regardless of an individual’s physical or mental abilities. That’s what adaptive surfing is all about. We’re committed to ensuring that the gratifying teamwork and exhilarating experience of sports is accessible to everyone. Specific to surfing, we believe the transformative power of the ocean should be felt by individuals of all backgrounds and abilities, and we work hard to make it so.

Perfectly Timed Sports Photos With Coastal Adaptive Sports

In the world of sports photography, timing is everything. It's the precise moment when an athlete battles adversity, defies the odds, and celebrates triumph that truly defines the art of capturing sports. We are fortunate to have incredibly talented photographers who generously donate their services, allowing us to witness and share these awe-inspiring moments with you. We invite you to join us in celebrating some of the most perfectly timed sports photos that will undoubtedly inspire you.

Gear Up: Adaptive Sports Equipment for Rugby Players

It's a well-known fact that soccer is the most popular sport in the world. However, not everyone knows that soccer is just one of the many sports that make up the game of football. Rugby is one of them.

Adaptive Pickleball: North Myrtle Beach is Investing

What is America's fastest growing sport? If you thought anything other than pickleball, you'd be wrong. Roughly 36 million Americans have attempted playing pickleball in the past year. This sport has grown so much in such a short time that the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) has called it "highly contagious." We’re searching for adaptive pickleball pioneers along the Grand Strand to join the craze!

Inclusion in Sports: It Takes a Village to Raise Awareness

We typically don’t meet a lot of resistance to the concept of inclusion; on the surface, it’s a mission most people can get behind. But on closer inspection, many well-intentioned efforts barely qualify even as integration, much less true inclusion. And the difference between inclusion and integration is significant.

Inclusion vs Integration: When There's a Wheel There's a Way

Ah, the wheel. It’s such a simple concept, and yet its invention was a major landmark in human civilization. It’s also a necessary tool to enable most adaptive sports. When our bodies need a little extra assistance, the wheel is what often guides our successes. But these triumphs didn’t happen overnight, and there’s still work to be done. The story of adaptive sports is still being written, particularly in understanding inclusion vs. integration.

Myrtle Beach Surfing for Individuals with Disabilities

Surf’s up! The Myrtle Beach surfing season has begun. Coastal Adaptive’s first few Wheel-to-Surf events of the summer were in May, and they were a great success. The sun was shining, the crowd was smiling, and the waves were… terrifying?

Competitive Sports for Adults with Disabilities

Coastal Adaptive Sports has a fantastic mission that focuses on coordinating sports opportunities and facilitating recreational activities to add value to the lives of individuals who have disabilities. Coastal Adaptive Sports orchestrates approximately 100 events annually that range from adaptive surfing to wheelchair basketball and beyond!

Savannah’s Playground Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is home to a unique children’s playground that has been delighting visitors for over two decades. Savannah’s Playground is an inclusive place where kids of all ages and abilities can play together in a safe and fun environment. With its towering slides, zip line, carousel, swings, rock walls, and more – there are endless activities for the whole family to enjoy!

What are Some Sports for Wheelchair Users?

Wheelchair sports have come a long way since the first organized sporting event for people with disabilities in 1948. From tennis and basketball, to rugby, and even surfing, there are now dozens of specialized sports that people who use wheelchairs can enjoy. Today, athletes who happen to have disabilities compete in both Olympic Games and professional leagues around the world.

What is an Adaptive Surfboard?

An adaptive surfboard is designed to accommodate people with physical disabilities and limitations. These surfboards have unique features that make it easier for individuals with disabilities to participate in the sport of surfing and enjoy the ocean. In this post, we will explore what an adaptive surfboard is, its benefits, and where you can get one.

Wheelchair Rugby - How is the Game Played?

Wheelchair rugby is a fast-paced and highly competitive sport that is played by athletes who happen to have disabilities. The sport combines elements of traditional rugby, basketball, and handball, and is played on a standard-sized basketball court.

Spotlight: American Association of Adapted Sports Programs

This month, we want to highlight the American Association of Adapted Sports Programs. The American Association of Adapted Sports Programs (AAASP) is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote and provide adapted sports programs for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities.

Find Your Fit: Tips for Getting Started with Adaptive Sports

Whether it be short or long term, with various degrees of seriousness, injuries and disabilities make it difficult to participate in the daily activities we find both necessary and enjoyable. Adaptive sports can be a great way to get yourself out there, and come with great physical and emotional benefits. In this article, we’ll provide tips on how to get started with adaptive sports, and how you can have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Adaptive Organization Spotlight: Move United

Coastal Adaptive Sports is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, with our focus on promoting adaptive sports for people with disabilities. While we offer programs in various sports, surfing has become one of the most sought after adaptive sports activities for our community.

So We’re Starting a Wheelchair Softball Team

If our plan has worked, you will be aware that we have thriving surfing, biking, and basketball programs here at Coastal Adaptive Sports. But, did you know that to our knowledge, there is no adaptive softball program in the Grand Strand area? This is quite surprising since adaptive softball is so popular nationally. There is even a WORLD SERIES! So…Coastal Adaptive has founded the first area wheelchair softball team.

An Awesome Golf Camp Opportunity and Regional Adaptive Golf Resources

One of the burgeoning areas in adaptive sports is adaptive golf. Like most other sports, golf has its physical requirements that are prohibitive to people with certain disabilities. Well, that’s just not going to fly with a few folks in Myrtle Beach and its surrounding areas. So, they have worked hard to create opportunities and connect people with disabilities with area resources.

Organization Spotlight: OCEAN CURE

Coastal Adaptive Sports offers activities and leagues in several sports (Basketball, Cycling, Kayaking, and Wheelchair Games), but surfing is our most visible and most supported by various organizations and lots and lots of great people. We would love to give a shout out today to one of our most foundational resources in our surfing endeavors – Ocean Cure.

Finding an Adaptive Sports Camp in the Carolinas

Some of the best memories from childhood are from camps and other group activities during the summer months. Those events are perfect for meeting new friends and doing activities that are not easily found or joined other times. At Coastal Adaptive Sports, we know that often a camp with modifications and mindful design and planning can be a huge thing in the life of a young person who happens to have disabilities. With that in mind, we want to give our athletes info to help them find an awesome adaptive sports camp in the Carolinas.

Taking Advantage of the Beaches in Charleston

If you haven’t been to Charleston, South Carolina before, you may not know what a precious gem we have here. It’s old, it’s new. It’s traditional, it’s forward thinking. It’s beautiful, diverse, storied, and classy yet with both a hospitable and gritty spirit. It would be hard to think of a better place to embody the complexity of the modern South. In regards to the priority of Coastal Adaptive Sports - which is to see more access to activities for each person with a disability - we find the same hunger for progress by some to make the beaches in Charleston County accessible for everyone.

How to Reach the Beach in Surfside Beach

One of the blessings we have in the adaptive sports world here in the Grand Strand area is a spirit of cooperation. If you’ve read the blogs over the last several months, you’ll notice the improvements to access and opportunity for people with disabilities are not Coastal Adaptive Sports acting in a vacuum. Many wonderful people and organizations have rallied with vision and conviction to share their labors, resources, and support with us. Through this collective effort, one of the successes is gaining beach accessibility for those who need modifications. In addition to Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach has made similar progress in expanding beach access.

Wheelchair Accessible Beach Access in North Myrtle Beach

In our mission at Coastal Adaptive Sports to bring opportunities to people with disabilities, we benefit from the vision and work of others. One of the areas we are so thankful for is the improvements to beach access. Last month we highlighted the wheelchair accessible beaches in Myrtle Beach. This time, we want to offer some info on resources and opportunities here in North Myrtle Beach.

Beach Accessibility in Myrtle Beach

One of the many changes that have come for people with disabilities is through beach accessibility. This is certainly true for the beach-going people in Myrtle Beach. Ramps, specialized wheelchairs, paths, and other provisions have radically changed the seaside experience for many traditionally underserved people. Let’s take a look.

5 Awesome Adaptive Sports Organizations and Some Handy Links

Coastal Adaptive Sports draws inspiration from the enthusiasm of our athletes and our volunteers, as well as the efforts of other adaptive sports organizations. Getting to serve so many sports, locations, and variations in athlete abilities in the country, organizations work hard to provide fun, safe, empowering, inclusive, effective opportunities. Well, we want to be like them when we grow up. So let’s look at 5 Awesome Adaptive Sports Organizations and a couple great resources to volunteer or find activities for a person with disabilities.

2021 Blog Round Up

2021 gets a bad rap. Like every year, we were probably a little too optimistic on a global or national level. But…with the challenges on our plate locally, 2021 was triumphant. Let’s take a blog and look back. You may call it a summary, update, year-in-review, overview, or conclusion, but much like in 2022, we can do better. Let’s call it a Round Up!

Let’s Ask Mary Skipper About Adaptive Surfing Events

The athletes who participate in adaptive surfing events, their loved ones, and the volunteers repeatedly say that the sense of community fostered at the large adaptive surfing events surprises them. That’s certainly true for Mary Skipper.

Wheel to Surf: Safe, Thrilling Experiences for Everyone

Many neighborhoods and schoolyards have basketball goals, the suburbs have gigantic soccer parks, and each corner seems to have an athletic gym. These are all underappreciated, often ubiquitous opportunities provided by resources and efforts of many people and businesses across the country. Such a concerted effort is so successful that most children and even adults enjoy the option of many sports. This is not the case for people with varying disabilities and that’s why Coastal Adaptive Sports exists. Well, one of the most exciting and most accessible sports to support is surfing. Together with The Adaptive Surf Project, we hold events through our Wheel to Surf program that helps bridge the gap for participants who happen to have disabilities.

Some People Who Brought You... “Adaptive Sports Near Me”

In many places across the country a person can search “Adaptive Sports Near Me” and a bevy of sites will pop up. They will have pics of people having a great time, and if the Google algorithms do their job, there may even be something Near Them. It wasn’t always like that...

Coastal Adaptive’s Many Types of Adaptive Sports

Coastal Adaptive Sports has a passion to bring sporting opportunities and recreational activities to people with disabilities in a way that is fun and lifegiving. Through our early existence, we have moved into multiple types of adaptive sports and activities. We currently have programs in these sports...

Brian Shaw - If You Can, You Should [An Adaptive Surfer]

Many of you know Brian Shaw from his time with Coastal Adaptive Sports. If you've been around the adaptive surfing events, Wheel to Surf, whether as a participant or as a volunteer, you've likely seen him. Well, we'd like to bring this adaptive surfer into the light, even if it's just for a minute. We want you to get to know Brian's heart toward adaptive surfing and service in general.

Let’s Put a Spotlight on Aubin Hooker

Many people in the adaptive surfing community know Aubin Hooker. He’s often at surf events with Coastal Adaptive Sports with a welcoming face and enthusiastic attitude. But he does more in the area than help at events. He enjoys advocating for the disabled, particularly in regards to beach access, and he fights daily for the protection of the oceans we all enjoy.

A Journey to Adaptive Sports - Abby Banks

It goes without saying that an organization is only as good as its invested parties. Well, Coastal Adaptive is blessed with many that are personally invested with time or talents or support. Abby Banks is one of those blessings. Let’s meet her and hear about her experience with adaptive sports.

Sports for People with Disabilities: 2021 Updates from Coastal Adaptive Sports

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for so many people across the world. But as things are slowly starting to get back to normal, people are beginning to look for things to do to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. If you’re searching for sports for people with disabilities in the North and South Carolina areas, then you’ll want to hear these 2021 updates from Coastal Adaptive Sports!

Coastal Adaptive Sports Offers a Variety of Sports for Athletes with Disabilities

Did you know that, according to the World Bank, about 15% of the world’s population live with some form of disability? That’s around one billion people! Knowing this number certainly helps put things into perspective and makes it easy to understand the importance of sports for athletes with disabilities.

Reasons to Volunteer for Adaptive Sports Jobs

In our recent blog post, we talked about the benefits of adaptive sports. For participants, adaptive sports programs bring many great opportunities. But did you know there are plenty of great reasons to volunteer for adaptive sports jobs?

The Benefits of Adaptive Sports

Of course, with a name like Coastal Adaptive Sports, it’s safe to assume that we offer, well, adaptive sports! And that’s true - we’re proud to offer several sports programs and events to the Grand Strand area, including surfing, basketball, biking, and more. From the outside looking in, most people understand that what we do is a positive thing, but have you ever really thought about the benefits of adaptive sports?

Adaptive Basketball Player Spotlight: Devin Reynolds

We’ve heard a lot from participants and volunteers who have been enjoying the adaptive surfing events through Coastal Adaptive Sports - and that’s totally awesome! But this month we decided to shake things up and put the spotlight on one of our amazing adaptive basketball players: Devin Reynolds. We spoke to Devin’s mother, Brandy Reynolds, who was more than happy to tell us about Devin’s experience with Coastal Adaptive Sports.

Adaptive Surf Volunteer Spotlight: Andy Johnson

Our interview series continues with yet another awesome adaptive surf volunteer, Andy Johnson! Andy Johnson currently lives in Lenoir, North Carolina, but is in the process of moving to Little River, South Carolina. He has a wife, Karen, as well as two kids; a daughter and a son. Andy has been a physical therapist assistant for about 20 years.

Adaptive Water Sports Participant: Mary Gainey

As we continue our blog series about our beloved volunteers and participants here at Coastal Adaptive Sports, we decided to highlight our friend and adaptive water sports attendee Mary Gainey!

Adaptive Sports and Recreation Volunteer Spotlight: Kelly Dailey

So far, you’ve met Vann Horne and Jose Solorio - who are both very special to us here at Coastal Adaptive Sports. But this post will pay tribute to one of our influential adaptive sports and recreation volunteers - Kelly Dailey.

Adaptive Sports Spotlight: Jose Solorio, an Adaptive Surfer

At Coastal Adaptive Sports, we love meeting new people through our events! And about 5 years ago, we met our long-time friend and adaptive surfer, Jose Solorio. We had the pleasure of interviewing Jose for our blog!

Adaptive Sports Volunteer Vann Horne

Without our volunteers, we wouldn’t be where we are today; that’s why we decided to do an adaptive sports volunteer spotlight of our friend Vann Horne!

Summer Adaptive Sports Program Update

Hello friends! With the world’s current situation, things have been a lot different for everyone.

Enjoy a Day on the Water with Adaptive Kayaking

You’ve probably heard about us through our popular adaptive surfing events called Wheel to Surf, but did you know that we also offer adaptive kayaking from time to time?

Join Coastal Adaptive Sports for Adaptive Surfing Classes with Wheel to Surf Events

Coastal Adaptive Sports offers Wheel to Surf Events, which are adaptive surfing classes for those with a disability - learn more here.

The Coastal Chairmen Adaptive Basketball Team Are Rising to the Top

The Coastal Chairmen, an adaptive basketball team who play wheelchair basketball, are working hard and have their eye on the prize.

Coastal Adaptive Sports Offers Adaptive Bike Rides for Those with Disabilities

Coastal Adaptive Sports offers adaptive bike rides for those with disabilities, using hand-cycles, side-by-side tandem trikes, and other adaptive bikes.

Coastal Adaptive Sports Wheelchair Basketball: Who are The Coastal Chairmen?

Learn all about The Coastal Chairmen - the local North Myrtle Beach wheelchair basketball team sponsored by Coastal Adaptive Sports.


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