If you’ve been keeping up with CAS for any length of time, you’ll know that our favorite way of getting involved with our community is by participating in all sorts of different events. On average, we facilitate and participate in around 100 events a year. These include sporting events like adaptive surfing, adaptive biking, wheelchair basketball, plus all kinds of other social events. We know why we love doing these events— fostering empowerment, fulfillment, and inclusion, sharing the joy of physical activity and the thrill of competition, all that good stuff. But today we want to talk about the benefits that folks like you gain from attending adaptive events. Adapting social events benefits everyone involved, and in some very important ways.

Nurturing Health

This one’s a biggie. Our events provide a great opportunity to socialize, and that socialization helps nurture both mental and physical health. We already know that sports help with physical health by providing exercise, and just generally keeping people active. But did you know that you or your loved one’s mental health also gets a boost from these events? Whether playing on a team alongside others, or interacting one-on-one with the volunteers who are there to make sure everyone has a good time, there are lots of people to connect with! And the welcoming, friendly attitude from everyone who attends our events makes that connection even easier. This is great news, because research shows that feeling socially connected improves many facets of health!

Cultivating Community

Another amazing thing about adapting social events: it provides an opportunity for people to interact with those who have different backgrounds and experiences, while also bringing together people with similar experiences, too!

Through our events, people with disabilities have a way to not only find others who are like them, but to socialize and connect with them on a dedicated level that isn’t always presented during more mundane, everyday activities. Sometimes, amidst the routine of day-to-day life, it can be easy to get inadvertently confined to one’s own personal ecosystem. While family, caregivers, and friends without disabilities all provide valuable social interaction, it’s just as important to have a network of people who share similar experiences. By attending events like the ones we organize, the chances of running into someone who shares many of the same experiences as you increases significantly.

Equally important, through CAS events, able-bodied sports fans and players get the opportunity to socialize with those who share their passion for a sport, but have a differing experience with it. By interacting with adaptive sports and their athletes, those without disabilities can gain new perspectives of the game they love so much. Getting involved in adaptive sports also allows people to witness firsthand the joy of inclusion and understand how important it is for people with disabilities— not only in sports, but in all aspects of life.

Get In on the Action

If you haven’t experienced one of our adaptive sports events for yourself, there’s no better time than the present to change that. You can check out our calendar to see what we’ve got in the works. See something that sparks your interest? Sign up here! You can also sign up as a volunteer if you’re looking for other ways to participate. Whether you’re volunteering, competing, or cheering from the sidelines, we would love to have you around!