The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for so many people across the world. But as things are slowly starting to get back to normal, people are beginning to look for things to do to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. If you’re searching for sports for people with disabilities in the North and South Carolina areas, then you’ll want to hear these 2021 updates from Coastal Adaptive Sports!

While Coastal Adaptive Sports has been doing very little during the pandemic, during 2020 we were going surfing on an individual basis with certain volunteers in order to try to stay as safe as possible. Of course, our Wheel to Surf events are our most popular, so we’ve had quite a few people asking when we can get back out in the water. While we don’t have a definite answer yet, we’re hoping to start our Wheel to Surf events by August 2021.

However, we have been hosting our adaptive biking events for a few months now. If you’d like to join us for adaptive cycling, we meet at the North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports Complex on the first Sunday of every month. You can learn more about our adaptive bike program on our blog here.

When it comes to our wheelchair basketball team, things are still kind of up in the air there as well. Since it’s up to the league and not up to us, we’re not sure when games will resume. But, we’re hoping things will be back to normal for the Coastal Chairmen by September.

To learn more about our programs offering sports for people with disabilities, check out our basketball, cycling, surfing, and other sports pages. Stay tuned for more announcements about upcoming events on our events page and our Facebook page. And, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Wanna get involved? You may also volunteer to help out with a Coastal Adaptive Sports event by clicking here.