If our plan has worked, you will be aware that we have thriving surfing, biking, and basketball programs here at Coastal Adaptive Sports. But, did you know that to our knowledge, there is no adaptive softball program in the Grand Strand area? This is quite surprising since adaptive softball is so popular nationally. There is even a WORLD SERIES! So…Coastal Adaptive has founded the first area wheelchair softball team.


  • Camaraderie - A softball team, like the other sport programs, lends to making friends through shared experiences and familiarity. Sometimes you don’t perceive how awesome someone is until you go down the road a little ways with them. It’s a chance to know and be known.
  • Catharsis - Many people with disabilities suffer from loneliness, boredom, and depression. This is another opportunity to be active and involved. It can be a great motivating and life giving source. If it works the way we envision, an area softball team could be a life changer.


  • All Ages - Players of all ages are encouraged to reach out. Roster and positions are Coach’s Choice.
  • All Abilities - We need 12 dedicated players to have a robust team. Reach out to Jesse Lind at (lindustrez@yahoo.com) for more information. Wounded veterans are, of course, encouraged to join us.


  • Grand Strand Miracle League Field 690 33rd Avenue North. Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Two Sundays a month. Dates are posted on the Coastal Adaptive Sports Facebook page. The goal is to have a team formed and practiced in time to compete next year!

We hope you’ll consider being a part of this new endeavor to found the first wheelchair softball team in the area. If you are an athlete, don’t be intimidated. The practices are designed to meet you where you are at, since we understand that abilities vary wildly from person to person and so does interest level. For volunteers, there will be lots of opportunities to serve, so contact us and we’ll steer you to where you will fit well and what we need.

Please spread the word. Sow some seeds of fun and opportunity. Recruit, recruit, recruit! Be our talent scouts, lol.

*Special thanks goes out to Grand Strand Miracle League Field who have allowed us to practice there.