Coastal Adaptive Sports draws inspiration from the enthusiasm of our athletes and our volunteers, as well as the efforts of other adaptive sports organizations. Getting to serve so many sports, locations, and variations in athlete abilities in the country, organizations work hard to provide fun, safe, empowering, inclusive, effective opportunities. Well, we want to be like them when we grow up. So let’s look at 5 Awesome Adaptive Sports Organizations and a couple great resources to volunteer or find activities for a person with disabilities.

Awesome Adaptive Sports Organizations

  1. New England Disabled Sports

    NEDS provides year-round outdoor activities, instruction, and equipment for almost any person with disabilities. Considered one of the top adaptive sports organizations in the nation, NEDS provides many of the often-served sports, as well as snowshoeing, fishing, golfing, and waterskiing. It’s located at Bretton Woods and Loon Mountain ski resorts in New Hampshire.

  2. Adaptive Sports Foundation

    If you or an adaptive athlete you love is into skiing and other outdoor sports, Adaptive Sports Foundation is an excellent organization. Located in Windham, NY, the foundation provides ski lessons, camps, races, and several sports including mountain biking, hiking, golf, and paddling. Covid has altered some operations, so be sure to check their website for updates and instructions.

  3. Lakeshore

    Almost any person with disabilities can find a home at Lakeshore in Homewood, Alabama. With a wide variety of activities and sports offered, Lakeshore is a destination and golden resource for both regional and traveling adaptive athletes. Famous for its expansive inventory of equipment, Lakeshore is truly a premier adaptive sports organization in the country. Athletes and participants for a multitude of activities will find adaptive equipment, such as skateboards, scooters, wheelchairs, golf clubs, tricycles, bicycles, and playgrounds, as well as equipment for volleyball, beach volleyball, bowling, swimming, boccia, ping pong, curling, basketball, rock climbing, skiing, and tennis.

  4. Angel City Sports

    Throughout Los Angeles, adaptive sports programs are popping up partly due to the efforts of Angel City Sports. ACS’s passion to provide quality training, facilities, access, and opportunities for any person with disabilities shows in its fruit. It’s connected to over 200 events and facilities and many hard-to-find sporting options, such as Badminton, Archery, Cheer, Martial Arts, Powerlifting, and Sled Hockey.

  5. Midwest Adaptive Sports

    Like all adaptive sports organizations, MAS is dedicated to the pursuit of fun, inclusive, dignifying, confidence-building, camaraderie-making, and many more attributes to activities enjoyed by most people. MAS is located in Kansas City, MO and offers adaptive football, rugby, and softball, among others.

Those are just five of the many adaptive sports organizations that inspire us to pursue the fruits of inclusivity and fun for any person with disabilities. If you would like to participate or volunteer at one of our events, visit our events page. We also have basketball, cycling, kayaking, and our own track and field event. If you have the great misfortune of not living in the North Myrtle Beach region or close to one of the five places we highlighted, check out these websites for information on dozens of fantastic adaptive sports organizations throughout the US.

We hope you’ll participate or partner with us. Whether you join as an athlete or volunteer, we think you’ll find a place here. Contact us. Camaraderie, fun, and more await you! Think about it!

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