One of the burgeoning areas in adaptive sports is adaptive golf. Like most other sports, golf has its physical requirements that are prohibitive to people with certain disabilities. Well, that’s just not going to fly with a few folks in Myrtle Beach and its surrounding areas. So, they have worked hard to create opportunities and connect people with disabilities with area resources.

One fantastic opportunity occurred just a few weeks ago, when Effie Baldwin, founder of Believing in a Better World, hosted along with Brandon Worley, founder of Upstate-Carolina Adaptive Golf, a golf camp for people of all skill levels and abilities. Baldwin says, “I don’t think we ever tell them that [there are things they cannot do.] Golf is something they can do.” (See interview on

While Baldwin always loved golf and people with disabilities, it was a few golfers from an adaptive golf program at an African American Golf Expo who became the impetus for her action for the golf camp. One of the first steps was to reach out for help from Worley, who was also working with adaptive golf. Together they have initiated a much-needed opportunity with the spirits of inclusivity and fun.

Just like with us at Coastal Adaptive Sports, their endeavor was not borne from a void of kindred spirits. Project Golf is a highly successful program for getting wounded veterans back in the swing. Adaptive Golfers who – although they are from New Jersey – stay connected to the Myrtle Beach area, partially through their successful World Amateur golf tournament.

Founder Gianna Rojas is considered a true leader in the adaptive golf world. Even now she offers extensive resources on her website, and has her own programming channel.

We hope kids will take advantage of the golf camp next year and onward, so link this to anyone you know that may have an interest. We won’t charge you, we promise. And, please pass along the exciting message that there are people all around the Myrtle Beach area working to make sports of many kinds available to people with disabilities. You or they can contact us at Coastal Adaptive Sports if they want to participate or volunteer for any of our programs or events!