In our mission at Coastal Adaptive Sports to bring opportunities to people with disabilities, we benefit from the vision and work of others. One of the areas we are so thankful for is the improvements to beach access. Last month we highlighted the wheelchair accessible beaches in Myrtle Beach. This time, we want to offer some info on resources and opportunities here in North Myrtle Beach.

Though the details and provisions vary from beach to beach, here are the dedicated with enhanced beach access for people with disabilities listed on the North Myrtle Beach Parks and Rec website:

  • 10th N Street End
  • 12th N Street End
  • 14th S Street End
  • 15th N Street End
  • 16th S Street End
  • 17th N Street End
  • 17th S Street End
  • 18th N Street End
  • 18th S Street End
  • 20th S Street End
  • 2106 to 2200 N Ocean Boulevard
  • 21st N Street End
  • 21st S Street End
  • 25th S Street End
  • 27th S Street End
  • 2nd S Street End
  • 33rd S Street End
  • 3401 to 3405 S Ocean Boulevard
  • 3500 to 3600 N Ocean Boulevard
  • 3701 to 3805 S Ocean Boulevard
  • 3810 to 3900 N Ocean Boulevard
  • 39th S Street End
  • 4200 to 4202 N Ocean Boulevard
  • 45th S Street End
  • 46th S Street End
  • 4719 to 4801 S Ocean Boulevard
  • 47th S Street End
  • 4908 to 5000 N Ocean Boulevard
  • 4th N Street End
  • 5104 to 5106 N Ocean Boulevard
  • 5210 to 5300 N Ocean Boulevard
  • 5508 to 5600 N Ocean Boulevard
  • 55th N Street End
  • 59th N Street End
  • 6204 to 6204 N Ocean Boulevard
  • 6th S Street End
  • 7th N Street End
  • 8th N Street End
  • 941 to 1003 S Ocean Boulevard
  • 9th S Street End
  • Main Street End

These are wheelchair accessible beaches in some capacity. The provisions could include:

  • Widened Parking Spaces
  • Beach Access Ramps and Paths
  • Pads
  • Fewer Stairs
  • Specialized Beach Wheelchair Availability

For more information specific to each beach, use this handy, interactive map. To reserve a beach wheelchair in the North Myrtle Beach area, use the contact info here to reach Beach Services Warehouse.

There are too many individuals to mention who have spent years advocating for improved beach access. We are thankful for their efforts and love getting to guide people to the resources those efforts have created. Adaptive Surf Project, Wheel to Surf, Coastal Adaptive, Ocean Cure, The Surfrider Foundation, and other great organizations have partnered with us, each other, and even larger organizations offering paralympics and other exciting opportunities.

If you are interested in volunteering or participating in any of our wonderful Wheel to Surf events (with hundreds of other fun-loving people), or just to see the calendar of activities, see this page. We also offer basketball, cycling, kayaking, and wheelchair games - sign up today! Contact us with any questions or learn where and how to get connected.

Wanna get involved? You may also volunteer to help out with a Coastal Adaptive Sports event by clicking here.